The mission of the Johnston Basketball Club is to organize, develop, promote, and support competitive youth basketball programs designed for 3rd through 8th grade student-athletes in the Johnston Iowa Community School District.

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Johnston Basketball Club

2017-2018 Season

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What training do the coaches have?
A: Coaches attend a pre-season coaching clinic hosted by the Johnston High School Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball Coaches where they provide a consistent coaching curriculum. 

2. Are coaches evaluated on their performance?
A: Yes, all coaches (Head and Assistant) are evaluated. We use an anonymous, on-line survey at the end of each season. This evaluation is requested to be completed jointly by each player and parent. The results are then used to help determine the coaching staff for the following season. The results are shared with the coaches to establish the actions necessary for improvement.
3. What is the difference between the Gold and Purple teams?
A: In order to field the most competitive teams and allow for players to compete and develop with teammates of the same skill level, the Gold team is selected by the coaches and evaluators during tryouts as the 10 players with a higher skill level.  Consideration also goes into making a well-rounded and cohesive team that plays well together.  Team size will typically be between 8-10 players.
4. Do the Gold and Purple teams practice or compete against each other?
A: We encourage the teams of the same grade level to practice and scrimmage against each other. The teams could play against each other if they happen to enter the same tournament.  We also encourage the Gold team of one age group to practice against the Purple team of the grade higher on occasion to experience a different level of competition allowing the team to focus on strong and weak elements of their game. 
5. How many games will each team play?
A: Teams may play in as many games or tournaments as they want which will be determined by each individual coach: 1-2 tournaments per month on the lighter side, or, up to 2-3 tournaments per month on the heavy side.  The board will consult with the coaches on what has been successful in prior seasons considering each age group.  For the younger age groups (4th and under), a good mix of weekly league games and some tournaments has been effective.  For the older groups (5th grade and older) most teams have played primarily in local tournaments.  There are plenty of tournaments available in the Des Moines area that are suitable for a variety of talent levels.
6. Do the coaches set goals for the players or team?
A: Yes, team goals are set at the initial team meeting and shared with parents.  It is important that the coaches, players, and parents are aligned when it comes to the goals, expectations, time, and dedication needed for the season.  Individual goals and expectations are set during the course of the first few weeks of practice as the coaches get to see the players compete in practice and assess their strengths and weaknesses.
7. How does one become a coach?
A: The JBC board will accept applications from interested applicants in the weeks leading up to tryouts.  If available, non-parent coaches may be preferred but ultimately the jobs will go to the most qualified applicant in the eyes of the board. Assistant coaches will also be selected by the board with consideration given to the head coach's recommendations. All new coaches will be required to complete a coaching application that identifies their coaching and playing experience.  Background checks will be performed on all coaches.
8. How is game playing time determined?
A: The JBC program is about developing player skills and fundamentals while also providing a successful competitive experience.   Consequently, playing time will be at the coach’s discretion. We ask that coaches try to maintain relatively equal playing time through the season but individual playing time may vary during each tournament.
9. How are players evaluated during tryouts?
A: Players are evaluated by a selection committee on the areas of:
a) Basketball fundamentals – ball handling, defense, dribbling, passing, shooting, etc.
b) Athletic ability - speed, agility, jumping, foot speed, etc.
c) Mental – Hustle, attitude, aggressiveness, etc.
12. Why can’t we get more gym time?
A: Gym time is a precious commodity in any community, and Johnston is no different. We will do our best to maximize the use of the gyms for our teams.
13. What training is available during the off -season?
A: We plan on offering 10 hours of skills training in the Fall and Spring for boys and girls. In addition to community education summer camp, there are other camps and clinics held at various locations that we will post on our website.
14. How often should we expect to practice?
A: All teams should expect to practice at least twice a week, 1 - 1 1/2 hours each, depending on gym availability. For 8th grade teams, practices will be limited as practices are already held after school during the Middle School seasons. 

15. How much does it cost to play with JBC?

A: Registration for the 2017-2018 basketball season is $25.00 to tryout (if registered prior to July 31st, after said date, the rate increases by $10).  If a bid is offered to play on a JBC team, participation for the season is $350.00 per player.  This cost also includes 20 hours of skills session with the JHS varsity coaching staff (10 hours in the Fall and 10 hours in the Spring).  If a uniform is needed, the cost is $100 for a jersey and shorts. If your player is selected to play on a team where the board has designated a paid coach, the fees may be slightly more, and will be communicated at the time the bid is given.